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AIoT Edge Connect guarantees a seamless and reassuring data onboarding experience. Your data is made available for visualization and manipulation anytime and anywhere, ensuring your peace of mind.
We offer three distinct modes of operation that you can opt for:
  1. Data on the Cloud
  2. Data on Premise
  3. Data on Mobile/Smartphone
Our AIoT Edge Connect cloud integration methodology entails the following steps:
  1. Establish Communication Channel: Forge a robust communication channel with your devices or sensors.
  2. Configure Data Formatting and IO Addresses: Tailor data formatting and IO addresses while facilitating local display and visualization.
  3. Publish to AIoT Edge Connect Cloud: Streamline the process by publishing data to the AIoT Edge Connect Cloud.
  4. Data Formatting and Configuration on Cloud Database: Assemble and configure data on the cloud database, facilitated by a user-friendly Dashboard for cloud data visualization.

Data on the Cloud

Data acquisition is facilitated through devices such as the AIoT Edge Connect - 4G router, gateways, and edge HMI. This data is promptly transmitted to the designated subscribed cloud. We furnish a comprehensive standard dashboard for your convenience, and our expert guidance ensures a seamless onboarding process for all your data onto the cloud platform.

ON Premise

We offer a dedicated 1U server, the AIoT Edge Connect Server, which will be made available to you. The server's configuration will be tailored to align with the specifications of your existing remote devices that require connection. Please note that a distinct quotation is necessary for the comprehensive system and setup, reflecting the unique requirements of this endeavor.


To avail of this option, it is essential to first subscribe either to the cloud service or opt for an on-premise system. Subsequently, a standard mobile tool will be furnished, accompanied by a standard design tool. This toolset enables efficient data retrieval from the cloud platform. For optimal utilization, we provide comprehensive guidance and fundamental training to ensure a proficient grasp of this process.

AIoT Edge Connect Cloud

On monthly Subscription
$ 17
  • On board 1x device
  • Data retention 180 days
  • 50000 API per day
  • Dashboard design tool and guidance with Admin account
  • Alert support - Telegram , Email , SMS & Whatsapp ( optional)
  • CSV Data download with time period configurable

ON Premise / MOBILE options

By request based on the actual requirement.
$ Monthly
  • Please send more information or your requirement with the link below

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Frequently asked Questions

This case require an IO module that we can provide to you to link it up and with our 4G and gateway devices we can get this publish this data for you.

Our Cloud platform is System integrator friendly, once subscribed, you will be guided how to work on the dashboard for your client and an admin account will be issued to you and you will decide how to design the dashboard for them and you may bill separately to them. 

It is possible to publish your data from your own controller or system. you may keep your data in the database or file system. We can provide you an agent apps to help to publish. That is one way, another way, is we will provide you the data formating in Json. you may make your own payload for this publishing.

We work with local system integrator and partner for this services and provide training on how to run this. if you are interested, do drop us an email at [email protected].

First of all, our technical support will help to check the model of power meter support Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP. if yes. you just need our 4G device or gateway to get your data onboard.

For this case, you may subscribe for 3 months as our subscription starting from 3 months.  we do offer 12 months subscription with good discount. please check it out with us.

Our Standard keeping time is 6 months. It is your responsibility to make a backup by downloading it regularly.  if you need to keep this longer for you we have another option with some charges. 

Currently, we have gateways that support these PLC protocol the list are as follows:- ( but you have to have the Io listing from the PLC programmer with the IO Address. contact us for further info.) 

  • Omron
  • Siemen
  • AB
  • Mitshubishi
  • Panasonics
  • all Modbus 

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