Soil sensor data to cloud

How fast can you turn your soil sensor to visualize it at the cloud. Yes. AioT edge connect cloud can do this for you in less than an hour. A probe type of soild sensor is used in the example shown in the picture. The probe consist of two metal electrodes that spaced about 1 cm apart. the constant voltage is applied and the resultant current measure will show the conductivity. Data captured can be used to do necessary irrigation.

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THE NPK sensor to cloud

Having a soil sensor that allows you to capture the main parameter that relate to the health status of the soil is very common nowadays. For example, the PH and conductivity of the soil is able to provide you a more complete indication of the chemical nature of the soil.

Both pH and EC need to be measured since a good range for electrical conductivity could be found in an acid soil that was unsuitable for plant growth. That is why it is becoming important to get this set of data for analysis. 

In the picture below, the soil sensor that is able to capture the 4 parameters namely, Temperature, Humidity, PH, and conductivity was inserted in the soil at the plant. It is connected via the RS 485 bus to AEC300 4G router gateway which has already established a connection to the AEC cloud. 

the Ruggedized tablet is used to connect to the cloud and data is shown on the dashboard to obtain a historical curve to study the soil condition relate to the growth of the plant. 

Several functions can be realized from the AEC ( AIOT Edge Connect)  cloud platform.  

1. visualization over a Dashboard.

2. Data logging and historian. downloadable with CSV. 

3. Alert firing via email, Telegram, SMS and what apps optional. 

4. API call from an external system or server optional  

5. Mobile access with mobile apps

 if you do have similar sensors or devices let us know. we are happy to assist.  


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